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Florida Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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Florida Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The roads of Florida, while offering scenic views and bustling city landscapes, hold hidden dangers for cyclists. In 2023, Florida recorded 8,323 bicycle crashes, including 215 fatalities and 5,972 injuries. This positions Florida as a leading state for bicycle accidents and fatalities, underscoring the critical need for legal protection and advocacy for cyclists.

Bicycle laws vary significantly across states, affecting everything from helmet requirements to fault determination. Our Florida bicycle accident lawyers are equipped with the expertise to navigate these varied legal terrains, ensuring cyclists’ rights are robustly defended.  Our commitment to each case is unwavering. We tirelessly work to secure the compensation and justice our clients deserve.

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At Senft Injury Advocates, we understand the unique challenges faced by bicyclists in Florida. Our dedicated Florida bicycle accident lawyers are committed to offering compassionate, expert legal representation for those affected by bicycle accidents. Our approach is not just about legal expertise – it’s about understanding and empathy. We know the physical, emotional, and financial toll these accidents can inflict on individuals and their families.

Steps After A Florida Bicycle Accident

If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident in Florida, taking the right steps immediately afterward can significantly impact the outcome of any potential legal case.

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Ensure Health & Safety

Move to a safe location if you can. Moreover, assess yourself and others for injuries. Call 911 if medical attention is needed.  Even if you feel fine, some injuries may not be immediately apparent.

Report The Bicycle Accident

Contact law enforcement to file a report. Depending on the severity of injuries and property damage,Florida may legally require you to report the bicycle accident.

Gather Information

Swap contact and insurance details with the other involved parties. Take photos of the accident scene, including all vehicles involved, damages, and any relevant road conditions or signs.

Consult A Florida Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Before settling with insurance companies, consulting with a Florida bicycle accident lawyer can help protect your rights and ensure fair compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to Florida Statute 627.736, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance typically covers bicycle accidents involving personal injuries. This insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicle policies and operates under a “no-fault” system, which means that each person’s own PIP insurance generally covers their injuries regardless of who caused the accident.

For bicyclists:

  • Primary Coverage: If the bicyclist owns a vehicle and carries PIP insurance, this insurance will primarily cover their medical expenses and related costs.
  • Secondary Coverage: If the bicyclist does not have their own PIP insurance, or additional coverage is needed after their own policy limits are reached, they may seek coverage under the motor vehicle driver’s PIP insurance.

This arrangement ensures that medical and related expenses are covered efficiently, allowing for immediate medical attention without the preliminary need to establish fault.

  • Doorings: This occurs when a driver or passenger opens their car door without checking for cyclists, leading to a collision.
  • Right Hooks: These happen when a vehicle makes a right turn at an intersection or into a driveway and cuts off a cyclist traveling in the same direction.
  • Left Cross: This type of accident occurs when a vehicle making a left turn at an intersection fails to see an oncoming cyclist and turns into their path.
  • Rear-End Collisions: Often due to distracted driving or misjudging the speed of a cyclist, rear-end collisions can be devastating.
  • Failure to Yield at Stop Signs or Signals: When drivers or cyclists fail to obey stop signs or signals, accidents can occur. Both parties should adhere strictly to traffic laws to prevent incidents.
  • Potholes or Road Defects: Poor road conditions can cause a cyclist to lose control of their bicycle.
  • Distracted Riding: Just like distracted driving, using smartphones or headphones while riding can lead to serious accidents.
  • Impaired Riding or Driving: Alcohol and drugs impair judgment and reaction times, increasing the risk of accidents significantly.
  • Weather Conditions: Inclement weather, such as rain or fog can make roads slippery and reduce visibility, leading to accidents.

  • Visibility: Cyclists should wear bright clothing and use lights and reflectors, especially at night or in low-light conditions. Drivers should ensure their vehicle’s lights are on and properly adjusted.
  • Communication: Using hand signals and making eye contact can help cyclists and drivers understand each other’s intentions.
  • Education: Both cyclists and drivers should educate themselves about the rules of the road and attend safety courses if possible.
  • Respect: Mutual respect on the road goes a long way in preventing accidents. Recognizing each other’s right to be on the road can reduce conflicts and collisions.

Yes, if you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, such as a motorist, another cyclist, a pedestrian, or due to poor road conditions, you may be able to claim compensation for your injuries.

The specifics depend on the details of your case. You can typically claim for:

  • Medical expenses: Costs for immediate and ongoing medical treatment.
  • Lost wages: Compensation if your injuries prevent you from working.
  • Pain and suffering: For physical and emotional distress caused by the accident.
  • Loss of enjoyment: If your injuries prevent you from enjoying your usual activities.
  • Property damage: To repair or replace your bicycle and any other damaged belongings.

Our experienced Florida bicycle lawyers will work to secure comprehensive compensation for your losses.

In Florida, the statute of limitations for filing a bicycle accident claim, which falls under general personal injury claims, is typically two years from the date of the accident. However, the specific timeframe can vary depending on the nature of the injuries incurred. Given these variables, it’s important to consult with a bicycle accident lawyer in Florida promptly to ensure that your claim is filed within the appropriate legal timeline.

Yes, cyclists in Florida have the same rights and responsibilities as vehicle drivers. This means they are entitled to share the road and must follow the same traffic laws as motor vehicles. Cyclists are required to obey all traffic signs, signals, lane markings, and must use appropriate hand signals when turning or stopping. Just like drivers, cyclists must also ensure they do not operate their bicycles in a reckless or hazardous manner that could endanger themselves or others.

This equivalence in rights and responsibilities aims to promote safety and respect among all road users, ensuring that both cyclists and drivers can coexist safely and effectively on the roadways. It’s important for both cyclists and vehicle drivers to be aware of these shared obligations to help reduce accidents and enhance road safety.

Yes, in Florida, you can still receive compensation even if you were partially at fault for a bicycle accident. The state employs a “comparative negligence” rule, where your compensation is adjusted according to your degree of fault. For example, if you are found to be 30% responsible for a bicycle accident because you were cycling outside of the bike lane when a vehicle hit you, and the total damages are assessed at $100,000, you would be eligible to receive $70,000 in compensation. However, if you are more than 50% at fault for the accident, you are unable to claim compensation.

A Florida bicycle accident lawyer can offer crucial support, from understanding your rights to negotiating with insurance companies. Legal representation can significantly impact the outcome of your case, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our Florida bicycle accident lawyers specialize in representing cyclists injured in accidents. We handle all aspects of your claim, from investigating the accident to dealing with insurance companies. Our goal is to relieve you of the stress of the legal process, so you can focus on your recovery.

Senft Injury Advocates operates on a contingency fee basis. You pay nothing upfront, and our fees come from the settlement or verdict we obtain on your behalf. This means our interests are fully aligned with yours.

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